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Up to date: 09-02-13 - "Somewhere over the rainbow" on Youtube

Up to date: 08-11-28 - Feedback from around the world

"Somewhere over the rainbow" live on Youtube

Vigdis gets feedback from around the world!!!

Vigdis gets great feedbacks from around the world on her music on Youtube!!!

Fields of Gold

really a pleasure to listen...  - France

Loved it. I think Eva did too!  - USA

What an amazing voice you have! really lovely - United Kingdom

Autumn leaves

Beautiful voice! Many singers have tried to sing in Eva's style and failed. This is really good! - USA

Excellent! Many thanks to Vigdis for her tribute to Eva Cassidy.
Really beautiful! - USA

Beautiful! - Norway

The moon's a harsh mistress

what a deep interpretation! Congratulations
Franck  - France

Beautiful version of a beautiful song - Norway

"Fields of Gold" by Vigdis on Youtube

Listen: Fields of Gold from the fantastic show "A tribute to Eva Cassidy", and
from her debut album "Both Sides".

"Autumn leaves" by Vigdis live on Youtube!!!

"Autumn leaves" from the fantastic show "A tribute to Eva Cassidy".

Listen: Autumn Leaves

Vigdis on Youtube

"The moon's a harsh mistress" from the album "Both Sides" on Youtube.

Listen: The moon's a harsh mistress


Cd'n "Both Sides"
Would you like a wonderful
time filled with music from
her debut cd "Both Sides"?
Listen her: Soundtracks from "Both Sides"

"Tribute to Eva Cassidy"
 Would you like a wonderful
time filled with music from
Eva Cassidy repertoire?

Read what the audience think about
her performance underneath.

If you would like to book Vigdis and her fantastic musicians,
send her a message: Vigdis Wisur


Vigdis Wisur:
"Eva Cassidy can not be copied, only honored"

This is Vigdis' official page:
Vigdis Wisur

Another fabulous Tribute to Eva Cassidy consert

Vigdis with band (Lars Kvistum - piano, Erik Smith - drums, Helge Ellingsen - bass and Frank Wisur - gitar) performed a fabulous Tribute to Eva Cassidy consert in Sandefjord, Norway friday 08.08.29.

The audience was ecstatic and there were standing ovations.


Her debut album "Both sides"

Both sides now
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
I can't make you love me (feat. Robert Wells on piano)
 Feeling good
 Fields of gold
Cheek to cheek
 End of the line
The Moons a harsh mistress
Long, long day
Gabriellas song (feat. Robert Wells on piano) - Swedish

"Both Sides" came out in december 2007,
and has sold in almost 3000 copies.

Listen and buy her beautiful cd here:

Apple Store 
Musica Online


Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

"Almost magic" - No daring debut, but an almost magic album.
...she conveys the classics to new life... " 

Fredrikstad Blad

"Finally - the debut album by
Vigdis Wisur!
...and it has class and style. And she astonishes.
 ... she shows that she is a fantastic vocalist..."

Sarpsborg Avisa

"The fantastic voice of Wisur.
...the Joni Michell fabulous Both Sides Now and the Eva Cassidy version of Fields of Gold as the best songs at the album..."

Eva Cassidy

Vigdis Wisur:
"Eva Cassidy can not be copied, 
only honored"

Listen to here beatiful version of:
Fields of gold and all the other beautiful songs at her album Both Sides.

Read about "Tribute to Eva Cassidy" by Vigdis Wisur
Eva Cassidy Tributes

From Dave McOmie Camas, WA USA
I just listened to Vigdis Wisur singing What A Wonderful World and a few other Eva covers of Eva's covers, and Vigdis is excellent. Vigdis has the rich lows of Karen, and some of the passion of Eva. She is as good as anyone singing today, and I urge all Eva Cassidy fans to give her a listen.
(Eva Cassidy Guestbook October 11 2004) 

From Haavar, Norway
The Norwegian Eva tribute singer Vigdis Wisur (look into the tribute pages), made a great impression in the music artist TV-contest "Beat by beat" last year. She performed Stings "Fields of gold", inspired by Eva (of corse..) The perfomance received the highest ranking of all performances in all 2003 shows. 
(Eva Cassidy Guestbook October 3 2004)

From Cathrine - Norway

This angel voice is going straight to my heart. Last year I went to a tribute concert to Eva Cassidy here in Bergen with a norwegian singer, Vigdis Wisur. And I belive it is the nearest voice to Eva i`ve ever heard. She performed with such a feeling!!! loved it.
(Eva Cassidy Guestbook August 3 2004)

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Vil bare takke for en flott konsert i Bakgården i går. Koste meg veldig. Gjør alt for å komme den 19.7 også. Stor fan av deg. Mvh Unni fra Skien

08.06 | 23:56

Jeg er så glad for at jeg fant bloggen til søsteren din, og veien til din musikk!!!! Cd`en hører jeg på ofte, nesten hver dag!!!!!! Klemz Grethe

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25.08 | 12:50
CD'n Both Sides har mottatt 1
Du liker denne siden